Ludum Dare 29 – “Pocket” Art

This is title slate art I created for my second Ludum Dare, this past weekend. We had to make a video game in 72 hours and this year’s theme was “Beneath the Surface.”   Here is a quick glance… more game info and visuals to come.  


Divergent Poster Imitation

One of my friends posted a selfie on Facebook, showing how similar her tattoo is to the one on the Divergent poster. I offered to create her own version of the poster, starring herself, and she couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with it. Take a look…     Here is my final […]

Walking Dave

Walking Dead Style Imitation

  I am a HUGE The Walking Dead fan. I loved the dark and secluded imagery of their social media count down, leading to its fourth season premiere. When one of my friends posted an underexposed, but hilarious picture… I ran to Photoshop.   As you can see from the “before” and “after,” I had […]



It seems like all my friends are engaged or married and half of them are photograpghers, so I started having fun with all there engagement and wedding photos. Here are 2 of my friends reaching for the leaves. I have never replicated this much skin, which ended up being fun, but her hair took ridiculously […]