HELIX Infected Cosplay

Recently, I attended my first convention, Awesome Con… Meaning it was time for my first cosplay. I wasn’t able to go as extreme building a costume as other cosplayers this year, so I went with my strengths and created a creepy special effects makeup. I fell in love with the new Syfy show, HELIX. I’m a sucker for zombie-esque outbreaks, especially when they are spewing black goo from all orifices. Mimicking that look, would be more interesting than your average everyday zombie, so I combined a few of the looks from the show and went with it. I have done a couple zombie makeups before, so I was excited to try more of an infected look with an Arctic weather look on top of that.
I started with a frost bitten effect makeup and then added fake craft store snow and black goo. I also found fine-point liquid eyeliner to use for the veining.

It wasn’t as extreme as some of the other cosplayers, but I, at the very least, impressed myself.

Final Look:
Helix Narvik Infected

NARVIK-B Infected

The best part was riding the Metro leading to Awesome Con. People didn’t know what to do and most of them refused to sit next to me.
NARVIK-B Infected Cosplay

NARVIK-B Infected Cosplay

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