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Porg Ragnarok MASHUP Poster

It’s fandom universe mashup time again. I took my favorite movie at the moment and mashed it with the much buzzed about adorable Porgs from the recent Star Wars Films. It make me smile too hard looking at this. Slide the cursor below back and forth to compare my fan art mashup edit with the […]

  • Super_Mario_Rogue_Run_Poster

Super Mario Rogue Run MASHUP Poster

My 2 current loves. Super Mario Run and Rogue One. When I realized there were enough characters to photoshop a universe colliding fandom mashup poster, I couldn’t resist. The base image is a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story poster and I added 3d renderings of all the most popular Super Mario Brothers characters. Slide […]


Divergent Poster Imitation

One of my friends posted a selfie on Facebook, showing how similar her tattoo is to the one on the Divergent poster. I offered to create her own version of the poster, starring herself, and she couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with it. Take a look…     Here is my final […]

Step 3 Final

Dragged by a Bear

I went on a trip to the pacific northwest last year, and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. Leading up to the trip, my mother kept telling me she was worried about my friends and I being attacked by bears. I told her that was ridiculous… if anything, we’d be […]

Duck Invitation

Duck Invitation

A family member wanted me to create a Duck Dynasty themed birthday invitation for her daughter. Other than Duck Dynasty, I knew she liked the color blue and her favorite quote from the show: “Happy, Happy, Happy.” She is young, so i wanted to make it fun and a little busy. We even played with the […]

Walking Dave

Walking Dead Style Imitation

  I am a HUGE The Walking Dead fan. I loved the dark and secluded imagery of their social media count down, leading to its fourth season premiere. When one of my friends posted an underexposed, but hilarious picture… I ran to Photoshop.   As you can see from the “before” and “after,” I had […]



It seems like all my friends are engaged or married and half of them are photograpghers, so I started having fun with all there engagement and wedding photos. Here are 2 of my friends reaching for the leaves. I have never replicated this much skin, which ended up being fun, but her hair took ridiculously […]