I thrive in situations where I can utilize my desire for creativity with my skills in media production and marketing. This combination is what drove me to lead a team of students into becoming two-time Emmy Award winners from the Lower Great Lakes Chapter, early in my career. It has also allowed me to professionally take my skills in directions I never expected, such as creating digital signage for large corporations and being accepted into the Intel Innovator Program after developing and releasing my first video game. I maintain a fresh creative eye by continuing to learn new skills/softwares/hobbies that can help bring new perspectives to my professional & personal life.

I have spent my time in college studying dual degrees in Media Production and Marketing Management. Marketing allowed me to explore why and how imagery affects perception, while Media Production gave me opportunity to create and control the inner workings of what goes into various forms of media. Here is a space I have dedicated to my professional and personal creativity.

Creative Work. Creative Play