• Inktober – Ghost & Dog
  • Inktober – Wild Outer West
  • Inktober “Broken” Theme – Reaper
  • Inktober “Jump” Theme – Reaper Needs a Second
  • inktober “Transport” Theme – Dog
  • inktober “Worried” Theme – Ood
  • Inktober “Scared” Theme – Artie vs. Evil Bowling Ball
  • Inktober “Tree” Theme – Octreepus
  • Inktober “Relax” Theme – Queen of Hearts
  • Inktober “Wet” Theme – Swiss Army Man


Inktober is a creative challenge to draw one image everyday through the month of October, using ink. You then post your finished images to social media with the hashtags #intober to share with artists around the world. It is actually far more difficult than it sounds and incredibly easy to get off track. There are a few different themed versions that you can follow, but below are the themes I found and chose to follow for my (1st ever) 2016 challenge:



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