Animated Video for Industry Targeted Event

Animated Video for Industry Targeted Event

This project was created to showcase a new service at a Multifamily Highrise industry targeted event. Created all graphics, recorded voiceover, and shot all photos used in the video. Designed for a large in-person event where clip audio may not be able to be heard by all viewers.

Animated video – New Service Offering

This was a fun one to produce. I developed, scripted, storyboarded, provided voiceover, and created animations for an event commercial announcing a new service. Event AV was not reliable so it had to be designed for viewers to understand the service with little to no audio. I love creating visuals form scratch to represent the […]

1836 Menu Design

I was recommended to 1836 to design their menu shortly before the grand opening. I created a visual brand language that I felt complimented the design elements of their logo. I enjoyed the process of taking a mandatory list of dishes that all had to make their way into the document and then finding a […]

Video Promo for Sale

Quick turnaround video for the Senior Vice President to present a product promotion to customers. Made for a campaign landing page. Filmed, edited, and created motion graphics.  

April Page Header

Banner Design

These were designed for a company intranet portal welcome screen. Also included, are a couple accordion banner designs. They wanted fun themes for each month to bring some levity to their daily routine. Most of the work was stock photo composites done in Photoshop, with a few exceptions of original content created in Illustrator.

Torch Logo Design

A company based in Iowa, called DMI – Design Mill Inc. reached out to me to design a new logo for their Interactive Projector System, known as Torch. The projector uses depth-sensing and projection-mapping to automatically interpret and change the image based on the terrain/sand below it. The Torch system is set up to be […]

Wedding Photography

A beautiful small wedding ceremony I was asked to photograph. Even though, the celebration was small, I wanted to make the photo moments feel large, but still grab small details for the couple to remember when they look back. Weddings are very stressful to cover, because you have to catch every moment and anything missed […]