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HELIX Infected Cosplay

Recently, I attended my first convention, Awesome Con… Meaning it was time for my first cosplay. I wasn’t able to go as extreme building a costume as other cosplayers this year, so I went with my strengths and created a creepy special effects makeup. I fell in love with the new Syfy show, HELIX. I’m a […]

Ludum Dare 29 – “Pocket” Art

This is title slate art I created for my second Ludum Dare, this past weekend. We had to make a video game in 72 hours and this year’s theme was “Beneath the Surface.”   Here is a quick glance… more game info and visuals to come.  

Divergent Poster Imitation

One of my friends posted a selfie on Facebook, showing how similar her tattoo is to the one on the Divergent poster. I offered to create her own version of the poster, starring herself, and she couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with it. Take a look…     Here is my final […]

DrawQuest: Fill the Time Capsule

Here is another submission from my favorite way to turn extra time into creativity, the DrawQuest app. The quest was Fill the Time Capsule. My first thought when someone says “time,” is Time Lord, so drawing Doctor Who‘s TARDIS is really the next logical step. Also… who doesn’t like sandwiches? This took much longer than it probably […]

Dragged by a Bear

I went on a trip to the pacific northwest last year, and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. Leading up to the trip, my mother kept telling me she was worried about my friends and I being attacked by bears. I told her that was ridiculous… if anything, we’d be […]

Duck Invitation

A family member wanted me to create a Duck Dynasty themed birthday invitation for her daughter. Other than Duck Dynasty, I knew she liked the color blue and her favorite quote from the show: “Happy, Happy, Happy.” She is young, so i wanted to make it fun and a little busy. We even played with the […]

DrawQuest: Adorn the Crown with Jewels

DrawQuest has been the best pastime for me. Everyday DrawQuest releases a new “quest” or challenge to complete a drawing they have already begun. I try to complete one now and then. This Quest was “Adorn the Crown with Jewels.” It started as the plain yellow crown, below. I thought it would be fun to […]